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Product Name: 3D Full Digital PC Platform VET Ultrasound Scanner
Model: RUS-9000V2
Product's Video: No Video

The RUS-9000V2 is a fully digital diagnostic ultrasound system developed specially for the veterinary market. It offers small, large and mixed animal veterinarians worldwide a high quality ultrasound scanner with uncompromising imaging quality and ease of use.
Equipped with full range of measurement packages detailed for small and large animal, RUS-9000V2 enables veterinarians to make fast but accurate diagnosis and record.
Outstanding imaging quality
          ●         Crystal clear and high resolution imaging brings accurate diagnosis.
●          THI(Tissue Harmonic Imaging)for enhanced contrast resolution *(Optional function)
●         Wide band frequency from 2MHZ to 10MHZ (depending on transducer )for excellent penetration and definition
●        Leading imaging processing technology for superior imaging optimization
Software function
●         Exam Modes: Canine, Feline, Equine, Bovine and Ovine
●         General Measurement: distance circumference, area, (ellipse/trace),volume, angle                           
●         Abundant calculation packages for abdominal, rectal, cardiac, reproductive examination
3.5 MHZ Convex
3.2 MHZ Micro-convex
6.5 MHZ   endocavity convex
7.5 MHZ  linear
5.0 MHZ  endorectal  linear
7.5 MHZ  endorectal  linear
Imaging processing
Pre-processing:           6-segment TGC adjustment
                           Dynamic range
                           frame correlation
                           edge enhancement
     Line density
Post-processing:        Gray scale
           Gray reject
Scan angle
left/right reverse
Up/down reverse
           Polarity reverse
Zoom:           Local zoom
Panoramic zoom
Image memory:  up to 800 frames
Cine loop:       512 frames
IQS:            image optimize
Software function
General Measurement:   distance circumference, area, trace, ellipse, volume. Etc.
Animal Calculation:      Canine, Feline, Equine, Bovine and Ovine. Etc.
Peripheral Ports:
Video output
Net Weight:  9.5 kg
Power supply: 100~240 VAC, 50HZ/60HZ
Dimensions: 522mmX365mmX 420mm
Standard Configuration
Main unit
10 inch non-interfaced monitor
Two transducer connectors
512 frames Cine loop
Electronic high frequency micro-convex transducer (60C20H Central freq: 6.0 MHZ)
Electronic rectal linear transducer (75L40H Central freq: 7.5 MHZ)
Electronic rectal linear transducer (50L70H Centralfreq: 5.0 MHZ)
Electronic convex transducer (35C60H Central freq: 3.5 MHZ)
Electronic micro-convex transducer (32C20H Centralfreq: 3.2 MHZ)
Electronic endocavity micro-convex transducer (65C13H Centralfreq: 6.5 MHZ)

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