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Product Name: WristScan
Model: V9
Product's Video: No Video

           Veterinary ultrasound solution for Small and large animal pregnancy 
      WristScan V9 is small in size,but big in functionality and features.With dust-proof and water-proof  WristScan V9,you could make earlier,faster and more accurate diagnosis at the point of animal pregnancy at anytime,anywhere,no matter at animal hospital,even in or out door.
Waterproof and dustproof of Rod ked and probe ,which can be easily cleaned by flowing water.
1.Designed for both small and large animal pregnancy-pigs,cows,sheep to   dogs,cats and more
2.High-quality images
3.As easy to use,as it easy to learn
4.340g(including the battery)light weight,small size and ergonomics designing
5.More than 4.5 hours for continuous operation,ready anywhere,anytime,
with internal rechargeable battery and instant power-up
6.Waterproof and dustproof probe,and can be easily cleaned by flowing water
Standard Configuration:
1.     One(1)WristSan V9 veterinary ultrasound system
2.     One(1)multi-frequency waterproof probe
3.     One(1)li lon battery packs
4.     One(1)AC-adaptor(AC110V~240V,50/60Hz)
5.     One(1)wrist bandage
6.     One(1)carring case
7.     Two(2)years factory warranty(one year for probe)
1.     Car Lighter
2.     Additional internal rechargeable battery
Monitor: 3.5inch high resolution color TFT LCD,640*480 pixels
Probe: Multi-frequency mechanical sector probe
Depth:Max 160mm
Scan Angle:78 degree
Gray Shade:256gray levels
Built-in Memory:up to 128 frames
Common Measurement:Distance,Area,Volume,Heart Rate
OB Measurement:Pig-HL     Sheep/Goat-USD
               Bovine-BL.SL,HL    Cat-HD,BD
AC-Adapter:110V~240V, 50/60V
Battery:internal li lon battery packs   More than 4hrs for continuous working  Fully charges batteries in 2.5hrs(75%charge in 1hr)
Weiht:340g including the battery

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