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Product Name: Vet Anesthesia Machine
Model: AM-600V2
P/N/: 110087
Product's Video: No Video

Practical and portable anesthesia machine, more suitable for the hospital, the ambulance clinics, beauty salons, pet hospital
Compact structure, exquisite beauty, save operating room or laboratory space; host with a mobile handle, portable and convenient
Host soft mat suitable for any place in the table, increased stability
External CO2 tourill can observe more clearly about the use, removal is simple, more convenient to replace the soda lime
Manual mode, no risk of power off
Abandon the laughing gas, to avoid hypoxemia
Compact design, functional, more user-friendly

Anesthesia host:
Operating modes: manual (optional dedicated anesthesia ventilator)
Work style: closed, half closed, half open
Scope: adults, children
Supply air: oxygen pressure 0.3 ~ 0.5MPa
Oxygen double-tube flowmeter: 0.05 ~ 1L/min.1.1 ~ 10L/min
Rapid oxygen supply: 35 ~ 70 L / min
Carbon dioxide absorber: 1000g
Evaporator with a compensation function, single-tank configuration (enflurane, isoflurane optional)

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